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Other Products

Piston and Rod bearing rings

These are designed to be used on pistons or rods to align the rod and piston to prevent metal to metal contact. These are available as a high-performance grade polyacetal and a phenolic resin material. These are available in a large range of sizes metric and imperial.

Guide tape

Produced from wear resistant grades of PTFE either carbon field or bronze filled some sizes are available in phenolic resin. These are usually supplied per metre and can be cut to length if required. PTFE is a low friction material.

Rotary Shaft Seals

We currently stock a small range of rotary shaft seals, but we can stock to suit your requirements. Styles we can offer please see below. Materials available varies from NBR / VITON are the two common materials used. Please check availability of the style and material required.

Mechanical seals

Available in metric and imperial range sizes and styles to suit depending on availability. We recommend sending us samples to recognise. 

Machine Seals

We can have various types of specialist seals made to order.

Tri-Clover Seals

These are available in various materials FDA.

Hydraulic hose and fittings


Specialist parts made

Ram / Unit Repairs


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