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Pre-made Kits


Pre-made Ram kits

We list the various kits as below:

  • Hyva

  • Skip Ram

  • Bucket Rams

  • Krupp HB3000

  • Krupp HM2000

  • Krupp 1500

  • Krupp HB27

  • Kingshoffer MQP 30

  • Kingshoffer Grab D32DH

  • Kingshoffer Grab DRG36

  • Kingshoffer Grab D15HD/158

  • Kingshoffer 3 Stage Ram

  • VHS-50/2

  • Verachter VT40

  • Verachter VT40 Seal Kit

  • Verachter VT40 Centre Joint Seal Kit

  • Verachter V 2 Seal Kit

  • V1 Veractor Cracker (Hunger Kit)

  • Atlas-Copco HB3100

  • Rotor Muncher 350

  • 350 Okada Muncher

  • Muncher M1

  • HS200 Hammer

  • Rod 85mm / Piston 120 Kit

  • Old Imperial Set

  • Imarlow 350 Grab

  • HB20G

  • SB202 Epiroc

  • SB552 Epiroc Hammer Kit

  • SB302 Epiroc Heavy Duty

  • SB152 Epiroc

  • 3V Centre Joint M13V

Please check availability.

Pre-made Kits

We stock kits as below

Metric and imperial standard O-Ring kits (also in available not stocked in Viton)

Engineering O-Ring maxi kits in metric and imperial 70sure and 90sure.

Circlip kits internal and external metric and imperial internal and external. We can also make bespoke kits to suit your needs.

Bonded washer kits. Metric and BSP range. We make imperial kits to order. These can also be made in stainless steel / Viton materials if required. Please enquire.

Copper washer kits. Metric – BSP – Imperial. We can also build kits to suit your size range.

Various other kits available to be updated.

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Kits 2.jpeg
Kits 4.jpeg
Kits 3.jpeg
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